Associate Professor (Reader) in Contemporary Art, Plymouth University

Co-ordinator ARC (Arts Research Collective) a research group within MADr (Media Arts and Design Research), Plymouth.

Visiting Research Fellow with Egenis, ESRC Centre for Genomics in Society, Exeter.

Editorial Board Membership: The Journal of Creative Technologies.

Faculty member of Transart international programme (PhD tuition).


2003 PhD The Materiality of Text and the Body in Painting and Darkroom Processes: An Investigation through Practice”. Bursary awarded by Littoral research group, University of Plymouth.

PhD supervision: 2 completions: 5 current students.


2015 Modernism, Medicine and Embodied Mind: Disorders of Self. AHRC network project with partners at Warwick, Exeter, Bristol and the New York Psychoanalytic Institute. Robinson will create an installtion work at Glenside Hospital Museum, Bristol, for an international network conference, July, 2016.

2015 June Radix residency (Deborah Robinson, Dr Simon Rundle, David Strang) at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Gotland. During the residency the group’s field work retraced Linnaeus’ steps, visiting the original site, Hoburgen, at the southern tip of Gotland, where he discovered and named Radix balthica in 1758. For the days of the residency the BAC workspace/studio became a hybrid art/science space; used by Simon as an improvised laboratory for keeping and examining snails from the fieldwork, and as a studio for Debbie and David to view and consider the film and sound footage they were able to collect at each site.

2015 July – Signs of Life:Lay and expert apprehensions of environmental change and uncertain ecological futures. (D Robinson, S. Lavau, S. Rundle) Using field studies methods of ecology, art, and social science, on the River Dart, the project will explore the ways in which making environmental change perceptible and experiential holds promise as a means of increasing public engagement with environmental threats and their uncertainties.

2014 Wandering Snail developed by Radix (a collaboration between Deborah Robinson, David Strang and Simon Rundle in association with Bronac Ferran) for exhibition at Fields – patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations exhibition, organised and curated by RIXC. Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Arts Museum (LNAM).
2013 Noisy Embryos a collaboration with the Marine Institute, Plymouth received an MI collaborative award. With artist David Strang, scientist Dr Simon Rundle, curator Bronac Ferran, and social scientist Matthias Wienroth.
2012-14 Parasite a collaboration with researchers working on malaria at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, to produce digital artwork. Dissemination includes: ICIA, Bath; Inspace (Bio informatics gallery, Edinburgh University; Tent Gallery, Edinburgh University; St John’s College, Cambridge; Exeter University. Parasite was selected for inclusion in the Shanghai International Science and Art exhibition, 2013, where it won an award for excellence in Science and Art. Solo exhibitions featuring Parasite have taken place at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, July 2013, ICIA, University of Bath, March 2014, (talks given by Robinson and malaria research Dr Oliver Billker, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute). Heidelberg Castle, Germany, May 2014 (sponsored by The European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research (EVIMalaR) where Robinson gave a talk to conference delegates.

Funded by Arts Council England, Visualise Cambridge, The Sanger Institute, Plymouth University. Additionally supported by a “Bright Ideas” fellowship awarded by the UK Genomics Forum, Edinburgh.

2012 – An Artistic Exploration of Scientific models used in Evolutionary Development in collaboration with Professor Mike Richardson, developmental biologist, Institute of Biology, Leiden, and Professor Rob Zwinjnenberg, Professor of Art History, Leiden.

2010 – Long-term collaboration with The Marine Institute, University of Plymouth. Projects include: Re-mapping Developmental Events in Aquatic Organisms, Atria and Noisy Embryos. All works in collaboration with Radix (David Strang and Dr Simon Rundle reader freshwater ecology, MI). Funding from the Faculty of Science, Plymouth. Paper accepted by Leonardo journal ATRIA: A sound installation exploring the interface between art, science and technology by re-mapping cardiovascular development. Authors Simon Rundle, Deborah Robinson, David Strang and Matthias Weinroth.

2010 Leading a Collaboration to produce an video / sound artwork Data Unveiling that brings together imagery and data derived from research using mathematical modeling into pigmentation mutations carried out by Dr Robert Kelsh’s laboratory, University of Bath.

2009 -2010 Artist in Residence, University of Bath, department of Biology and Biochemistry on the project Fish-Eye-I. Project hosted in the fish facility by Dr Robert Kelsh (reader in developmental cell biology). Funded by Arts Council England. Additional funding UoP. Curatorial and technical support provided by the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Art, Bath.

2009 August, Guest Fellowship Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Section 3, director Prof Hans-Jorg Rheinberger. Funded by MPI and UoP.

2006-7 Artist in Residence with Egenis (stage 2) Funded by a major ACE award, ESRC, and Esme Fairbairn. Project based in Washington Singer Laboratory (research area: rice blast).

2007 March, Residency at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge. Project hosted in laboratory led by Dr David Tannahill, Embryology. Funded by Arts Council England.

2004 May – September, Egenis Artist in Residence (stage 1) funded by ESCRC.

1996 -7 Resident Artist at California State University, Longbeach, California, US.


2014 May 15 – August 3rd, Wandering Snail exhibited at Fields – patterns of social, scientific, and technological transformations exhibition, organised and curated by RIXC. Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the LatvianNational Arts Museum (LNAM). This installation was developed by the Radix collaboration: Deborah Robinson, David Strang, Simon Rundle, in association with Bronac Ferran.
2014 May 12th –May 16th Parasite solo show, Heidelberg Castle, Germany (supported by EVIMalaR and sponsored by the European Commission).

2014 Feb 20th – March 21st Parasite solo show Art Space 3 ICIA Bath.

2013 27th August – 2nd July Parasite shown at the Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition

2013 June – July Parasite solo exhibition Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.

2013 22nd March presentation on Parasite (new work on malaria in collaboration with The Sanger Institute, Cambridge) at St Johns College, Cambridge, with Dr Julian Rayner and Dr Mary Dobson.

2013 21st March – 6th April Transpositions at the Anglia Ruskin Gallery

2013 March Parasite exhibited at The Evaporation of Things symposium held at Edinburgh University Bioinformatics Gallery Inspace:

2012 October Moby Dick – The Big Read (chapter 38) 2013 Moby Dick The Big Read (Chapter 38)

2012 April – June, solo exhibition Transpositions, at Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth University. Installation work encompassing video and sound. Included catalogue containing 4 interdisciplinary essays on work.

2011 Before the Crash: Art and Science Collide, Exeter (group show as part of a European Framework 7 grant exploring science/art interface)

2010 Spot On – Fieldwork: Deborah Robinson and Lucy and Jo Orta, Exhibition Scott Building, Plymouth (curated by Edith Doove).

2010 Data Unveiling, Sanger Conference Centre, Cambridge (shown at the European Society Pigment Cell Researchers conference).

2010 April – June, Fish-Eye-I, Art Space 2, ICIA, University of Bath. Opening event: a chaired discussion with Dr Richard Hooley, head of department Bioscience and Biochemistry (podcast on ICIA website).

2008 Exhibition of photographic work at the National Theatre, part of the symposium Arts and Technology, the Role of the Arts in Democratic Policy Making organised by BioCentre, Uk.

2007 March – June. Molecular Laboratory: Representing Time Exhibition at ICIA, University of Bath

2007 August, Molecular Laboratory: Representing Time Exhibition + Gallery Residency, Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter.

2006 Installation of Topographies of the Genome, Byrne House, University of Exeter.

2006 May, Work in Progress, gallery residency at Transitions, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall

2005 Installation of Topographies of the Genome, Peter Chalk Centre, University Exeter


Teaching includes: 2002 The Welsh Institute, Visiting Lecturer M.A. 1996 –7 California State University of Longbeach, California, MFA. Visiting lecturer. 2002 University of the West of England, B.A Hons Fine Art, 2002 The Bournemouth Institute, B.A. 1996 – 7 Pomona State Polytechnic/University, California, US


2013 July, co-organiser (with Dr Geoff Cox, Aarhus) Transwhat – across and beyond (artistic) research, Symposium, Transartfest, Berlin.

2010 March, co-organiser Models as Active Spaces, Plymouth Arts Centre, Egenis and UoP science / art symposium.

2009 May, co-organiser Animal Gaze Symposium, Peninsula Arts, University of Plymouth.