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Deborah is working on an experimental sound / video artwork with collaborators from University of Bath and Exeter. This involves bringing together data and imagery generated by Dr Robert Kelsh’s laboratory at the Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath.The idea is to generate imagery that evidences scientific research into pigmentation mutations, but that will also introduce a poetic element.

Collaborators include: Dr Robert Kelsh, Prof John Ffitch, David Strang.

The work is to be exhibited at the international ESPCR conference (European Society for Pigment Cell Research) 4th – 7th September 2010.

Art and science in public dialogue at Plymouth Arts Centre


Wednesday March 17th 2 – 7 PM

Prominent scientists and artists will come together on Wednesday 17 March for an unusual open public event at Plymouth Arts Centre. The programme will begin at 2.00pm and will continue throughout the afternoon with talks and presentations, interspersed with lively debate about the relationship between science and art.

We are all exposed to models constantly. These range from the iconic representation of DNA as a twisted ladder or double helix, through the metaphors used in conversation, to the complex dynamic mathematical functions represented in the daily weather forecast. Models are fun and a source of stimulation. This workshop brings together a collection of practitioners in an open public forum of discussion to share theirs ideas and experiences and to construct a rich awareness of modeling and models at work.

Admission is free and no booking is required. People are welcome to attend for the whole day, for just one session, or even for just one presentation.

The event is organised by Professor Steve Hughes (Egenis, University of Exeter) and Dr Deborah Robinson (Fine Art, University of Plymouth)

The Plymouth Arts Centre is on Looe Street. More details and an outline programme can be found at

Exhibition Opening & Artist’s Talk
Opening – Thurs 22 April, 6.30pm
Artist’s Talk – Thurs 22 April, 7pm-8pm
In Conversation:
Deborah Robinson & Dr Richard Hooley, Head of Department, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath

ICIA Art Space 2 – All welcome
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm


Free Admission