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Exhibition Opening & Artist’s Talk

Opening – Thurs 22 April, 6.30pm
Artist’s Talk – Thurs 22 April, 7pm-8pm
In Conversation:
Deborah Robinson & Dr Richard Hooley, Head of Department, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath

ICIA Art Space 2 – All welcome
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm


Free Admission

Deborah was awarded ACE funding and the support of ICIA at University of Bath where she was artist in residence between September 2009 – April 2010 at the University’s Department of Biology and Biochemistry, one of the UK’s premier bioscience centres. This houses a fish facility with 500 tanks and 10,000 fish. Here transparent medaka and zebrafish are used as biomedical models for research into human development and disease. Intrigued by the relationship between the scientist as observer and the observed living organism, Robinson constructed a ‘fish-eye view’ with film and sound equipment positioned within the tanks. Catching glimpses of researchers going about their daily work, she took a fresh look at the ‘I’ who is the scientist. Robinson captures the strange poetic beauty of this see-through world – from fish, water and tank to the lens of the camera itself.

Robinson has exhibited in the UK, America, Germany and previously at ICIA in 2007. Her residencies include working with scientists in genome research at the Wellcome Trust, Sanger Institute, Cambridge. This project was given support from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, where Robinson was a guest in August 2009.