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Parasite is an audio-visual installation – across multiple screens sections of archival film drawn from the Wellcome Collection interact with data drawn from malaria patients accompanied by a soundtrack composed using mosquito recordings. Ideas for the work were formed during a residency spent with researchers Dr Julian Rayner and Dr Oliver Billker and their teams in the Malaria Programme at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, near Cambridge. The art work was developed in collaboration with artist David Strang.

Talks about Parasite have taken place at: Inspace (Bio informatics gallery), Edinburgh University; Tent Gallery, Edinburgh University; St John’s College, Cambridge; Exeter University. In 2013 Parasite was selected for inclusion in the Shanghai International Science and Art exhibition where it won an award for excellence in Science and Art.

Solo exhibitions featuring Parasite have taken place at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, July 2013, ICIA, University of Bath, March 2014. Heidelberg Castle, Germany, May 2014 (sponsored by The European Virtual Institute of Malaria Research and EVIMalaR). In October 2015 Parasite was the inaugural exhibition at the new Wellcome Trust Cultural Zone, Cambridge.

The artist residency and production of work was funded by Arts Council England. Research for the project was supported by an ESRC Genomics Forum Bright Ideas fellowship, and also University of Plymouth.