Transpositions is a solo exhibition at the Peninsula Arts Gallery open from 17th April until 26th May 2012.

Laboratory Humans

The exhibition Trans-positions brings together three distinct, yet conceptually coherent bodies of work by artist Deborah Robinson. The works are presented through intriguing audio-visual combinations of scientific imaging, video, projection and enigmatic soundscapes. Through each encounter with the work, Robinson challenges our understanding of what it is to be under scrutiny and observation. As part of this process, the work forces us to consider how we, as humans, construct meaning as subjects and ascribe a position to our interactions with other organisms.

Working with both scientists and artists Robinson’s interdisciplinary approach invites us to consider alternative perspectives when viewing her work. The accompanying catalogue Transpositions extends this understanding with written contributions from Dr Christine Hauskeller, a philosopher; Dr Simon Rundle, a scientist; Dr Caterina Albano, a curator and Dr Laura Salisbury, a literary theorist, whose differing and multifaceted viewpoints offer another set of interpretations into the exhibition.